Avante HDD Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia

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Avanta HDD Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia by WSP Mods


Following are the details of the pictures, and the procedure for purchasing and the price and bonus:


Packages obtained
* hante mod variant avante HDD
Full features:
– complete standard bussid
-template all 4000×4000
-size 16MB recommended 2gb ram mobile up
– additional new interior lights
_new rsm workshop settings (ready for heavy incline hahahaha anyway sip lah)

 Bonus: free from the GSM workshop
1. Jetbus 3+ Mercedes Benz (update)
2. Jetbus 3+ new hino
3. Jetbus 3+ new scania

If you are lucky you can get 2 trucks as shown.
The way to purchase is very simple, because you don’t need to order, just transfer, send proof of payment transfer, immediately get the mod.
Purchases can use bank transfer, or OVO (NO REC AND OVO BELOW).

Terms: purchase
1. send proof of payment transfer
2. Purchase identity (ID card or KK applies)
3. the latest photo
4. Original Facebook account.
After the new transfer has been approved, yes

Purchases can be made starting tonight, but the delivery of the mod will begin tomorrow afternoon.

No recening will go to the base owner, mas nasir.

Via Rek: 900-00-4031717-5 Mandiri on behalf of Sawal Sanjaya S
OVO – 081388982560

Do not accept purchases via credit.
If you have excess credit, and don’t want to bother buying ovo again, please contact Reza Irawan to convert from credit to Ovo, without complicated and messy 🙂

To send proof of transfer via WhatsApp: 089507963263 (adm wsp sale)


Final words of thanks
Wasalammualaikum wr wb

Big thank to Mas Nasir, Willy Pangrango, Priya Ananda Sitorus, Edho Phaksi and all WSP teams

Original Post by WSP Mod’s Click Here

Avante HDD Mod for BUSSID by Muhammad Nasir and . Download Avante HDD for Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Info – Avante HDD Mod

GameBus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)
NameAvante HDD Mod BUSSID
AuthorMuhammad Nasir
CreditMod Credit
FileMod File Type
Size16 MB
sgcarena.com © Muhammad Nasir

Avante HDD Vehicle Info

  • Name

    Avante HDD

  • Author Muhammad Nasir
  • Editor WSP & RMS
  • Status Paid
  • Size 16 MB
  • Feature Complete standard bussid Template all 4000x4000 Size 16MB recommended 2gb ram mobile up Additional new interior lights _new rsm workshop settings (ready for heavy incline hahahaha anyway sip lah)
  • Bug No
  • Rating 5
  • Password
    Copy Password
  • Report [email protected]
  • Support [email protected]
  • © All Rights Reserved by Muhammad Nasir

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