BD Next Gen Map for ETS2 V1.35

BD Next Gen Map for ETS2 V1.35, ETS2 BD Map

BD Next Gen Map for ETS2 V1.35 by S.M. Refat & T.H Shochho

The wait is finally over and you have the best map of Dhaka-Rangpur route so far. You can understand by playing. This route has been working to detail this map for over 2 months. Work has also been done in the hotel keeping in view the realities that 5 hotels will wear on the way

Credit : –

  • Base: Sultan Mahmud
  • Edit: Jahidul Alam Akash
  • Edit Next Gen Map (Dhaka to Rangpur): Sazzad Mahmud Refat & T.H Shochho

Next Gen Map Review

Please donate to the creator so that he can edit the whole map and make it this realistic.

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Project: Next Gen + Realistic Graphics Mod

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