BUSSID V3.3.3 Obb Mod: Update Sound Jet ETS2

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Update Sound Jet Ets2 BUSSID V3.3.3 Obb Mod: today we want to share with you new updated sound ETS2 obb mod for BUSSID V3.3.3. Now you can download and use the BUSSID obb mod. This Obb Mod only for BUSSID V3.3.3.

For friends of bussid mania, you must be bored, if you play this bus simulator id game like that, starting from the sound of the engine, brakes, dim lights, turn signal, horns, traffic, etc. are the same.

And also the gameplay view of the bus simulator id game is also just like that.

So here we will give a solution for my friends so they don’t get bored playing id bus simulator games, the way is to use obb mod rombak sound made by ILhamss TV.

So obb mod rombak sound jet ets2 bussid v3.3.3 is a file inside the bus id simulator game that has been modified, starting to modify the sound section.

To the game-play inside the bus like livery, garage, driver skin, tree graphics, the road has been completely changed to be fresher alias new appearance.

So obb mod rombak sound is very suitable for friends of bussid game lovers who are bored with bussid games, that’s all.

And this time, we will share the download link update obb mod rombak sound jet ets2 bussid v3.3.3 for the game bussid v3.3.3. This is the best obb mod jet land sound for bussid v3.3.3 game.


  • ETS2 ground jet engine
  • Fart brake
  • Retreat I retreat alon alon
  • Buskers
  • Kreket-kreket
  • Sein
  • Dim
  • Main horn
  • 1, 2, 3 horn
  • Handbreake
  • New interior
  • New lights
  • New Garage
  • New streets
  • Skin Driver
  • Passenger Skin
  • New Tree Chart
  • New Color Terminal
  • New Color Building

What’s New:

  • Truck Box Container (New)
  • Pertamina Blue / Green Tank Truck
  • Pertamina Red / Green Tank Truck
  • 4 Variants of Truck Canter 1 (New)
  • Black Police Car (New)
  • 2 Car (New)
  • etc



Download BUSSID Obb Mod Sound Jet Darat Ets2 100626

Password: jet darat

Download BUSSID Obb Mod Sound Jet Darat Ets2 200626

Password: jet darat

How to setup Sound Jet Ets2 OBB Mod BUSSID

  1. Please download one of the above obb.
  2. After downloading, extract the file using the Zarchiver apk in PlayStore / App Store.
  3. Then enter the password.
  4. Then press the file that was successfully extracted earlier, then select rename / rename.
  5. After that, change the obb code to 300626
  6. Then press the file again, select copy / cut.
  7. Move to Android>Obb>com.maleo.bussimulatorid Click Paste here / Click the Green Button in the lower right corner.
  8. After it’s finished, just open the game Bus Simulator Indonesia

How to setup Sound Jet Ets2 OBB Mod BUSSID (Video)

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