Indian Scania Metrolink HD Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia

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Indian Scania Metrolink HD BUSSID Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia by Fahim Auvro.

ModelIndian Scania Metrolink HD Mod
GameBus Simulator Indonesia
AuthorFahim Auvro
Model CreatedRVK Garage
Convert ETS2 to BUSSIDFahim Auvro
Size21 MB and 41 MB

After months I’ve finally gotten permission to share this bus in public by RVK garage who are the creators of the model of this incredibly detailed Scania coach. There are some minor bugs that needs fixing. But I’ll make sure its perfect before sharing. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this.

This is the highly anticipated Scania Metrolink HD. The model of the coach is created by @RVK Garage so they own the right for it. I’ve converted the model from ETS2 to BUSSID and added all the features you see. The bus has working animation for the door, luggage compartment and the driver’s side window. I’ve made sure the suspension feels realistic as well as the engine power as accurate as I could. Even though in the real coach there’s a speed limiter of 110 km/h I’ve kept it 120 km/h in this coach due to high demand. It has 32 skins and curtains can be painted over the skins.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the coach has unusually high detailed interior Textures. Due to that it will work smoothly only on high end devices with a good gpu and 3GB+ RAM. Anything lower than that will lag and may even crash. Please read this before going into the comment section saying its trash because it’s lagging on your phone

How to Setup Indian Scania Metrolink HD BUSSID Mod?

Mod setup is very simple. Just download mid file and setup. There have two options to setup the mod. 

  1. Out of Game
  2. Mod System UI

We prefer you to setup mod out of game and it’s totaAlly free. But If you setup mod by using Mod System UI you need to pay RP 15000 or watch a ads in game. 

If you want to setup mod out of game. At first download the mod file which you want. You can download latest BUSSID Mod by Here. After download the file, see that your download file extension. Is it a .zip or .rar or .bussidmod format file. If your file is a .bussidmod extension, then copy and move the file directly to BUSSID>Mods folder in your phone storage. And if the file is in zip or rar format, you need to extract the file.

You can use RAR android app to extract your Zip & Rar file. This is a Free app. You find it on Google Play Store.

After extracting you will get the file in bussidmod format. Now copy or move file as before by placing it in the BUSSID>Mods folder.

Now start the game.  After the game starts, go to the garage from the left side options. Then select your vehicle mode and click on the Use button. Then come to the first page, Then select Free Mod or Career Mod and start the game by selecting Map.

We think you like the new Indian Scania Metrolink HD bus mod. If you like the mod then don’t forget to share with your friends. And If you want you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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Indian Scania Metrolink HD Vehicle Info

  • Name

    Indian Scania Metrolink HD

  • Author Fahim Auvro
  • Credit RVK Garage
  • Status Free
  • Size 21 MB
  • File Type .zip
  • Model Created RVK Garage
  • Convert ETS2 to BUSSID Fahim Auvro
  • Report [email protected]
  • Support [email protected]
  • © All Rights Reserved by Fahim Auvro

Indian Scania Metrolink HD (Only Mod)

  • File Indian Scania Metrolink HD Only Mod BUSSID - 5586
  • Size 21.66 MB
  • Author Fahim Auvro
  • Copyright SGCArena
All Content are protected by local and international copyright law. File re-upload and link change are strictly forbidden.View terms

Indian Scania Metrolink HD (Mod + Skin Pack)

  • File Indian Scania Metrolink HD BUs Mod + Skin BUSSID - 5586
  • Size 40.33 MB
  • Author Fahim Auvro
  • Copyright SGCArena
All Content are protected by local and international copyright law. File re-upload and link change are strictly forbidden.View terms

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