Laksamana Bumel Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia

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Laksamana Bumel Bus Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia by MBS Team

BUSSID new Update 3.0 (New Bus+New Map+Mod System UI+Mini Map UI+Ramadan Event)

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a Android Game. After long time there new update 3.0 is coming in May. This is most popular game for android. This game have somereason to popular. First one is there High Quality grafic and run low devices like 1GB RAM & lower processor. Another most popular think is Multi-player. and new add bus Mod UI system. So that now you can use any bus as you can like and it’s more easy at the time. So there for this is a most popular game for android.
Lest see what’s Update……

  • ️New Bus
  • ️New Map
  • New MOD System UI
  • Mini Map UI
  • Ramadan Event

After this new update you can use Vehicle as you like more easily. Even can’t exit the game. In game you add and remove Mod. At the time you use mod any folder in your storage. Not only bus library, now you can use any kind of Bus, Truck or Other Vehicle Mod.

You can use only .bussidvehicle formate file to use any mod. BUSSID can’t support any other formate file like .zip or .rar. If you download any file which is .zip or .rar format. At First Extract the file. After Extract file you can see Main Mod file and this file set properly on Bus Simulator Indonesia game which is .bussidvehicle format.

Mod by MBS Team

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Warning: Don’t Re-upload the mod. If you share the mod give credit properly. Otherwise mod owner take action against you.

After Coundown End You can see Download Button

Laksamana Bumel Mod

Laksamana Bumel Template

Laksamana Bumel Template Xor

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