Proton Bus New Test – V249 With More Fixes

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Proton Bus New Test – V249 With More Fixes: Proton Bus released a new test version of Android & Windows PC both with more bug fix

He posted the test for v249 at there website (, for both PC and Android! Google Drive and Mediafire links are being uploaded, they will be working soon.

Please remember: to install apk and obb files you must do it correctly otherwise the game will stop at the first screen. Please search on YouTube for how to install apk and obb if you do not know about it yet.

Now the PC version has some own ads too, like Android. This allows that more features will be released for free! You may also enable virtual mirrors for free by checking the option to show more ads on the first screen!

PBS premium users or sponsors will not watch those ads! If you enjoy the project, become one to remove them too 😉

Since Unity 2019.3 brought many problems, we are reverting it back to 2019.2 on Android and 2018.4 on PC, as before.

Tutorials for map creators will be created over the next few weeks!

Android – 32 and 64 bit together

Windows – 64 bit PC

Windows – 32 bit PC

V248 was compiled at Unity 2019.3, which brought a number of fixes combined with a number of new bugs. So we reverted to an earlier version of the engine, now on Unity 2019.2.

This version has Viale and phase 2 of the map mod system, although the tutorials do not yet exist. They will be done over the next few weeks.

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