Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in October

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Bus Simulator Indonesia is a top popular android game. In this game officially support vehicles mod. That’s mean you can use your own vehicle in the game. After V3.0 update developer added mod System UI in game. If you use this mod System UI for setup or delete mod, Then don’t need to close or minimize the game. You have full control to add, disable or remove mod in main menu section. So let’s take a look at the Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in October on SGCArena

What is BUSSID Mod?

This is vehicle add system in Bus Simulator Indonesia. Don’t worry this is not a crack or hack version. This is a officially supported mod system in Bus Simulator Indonesia. After 2.9 game update it’s available on official Bus Simulator Indonesia game. You can easily download it on Google PlayStore. But unfortunately it’s not available for iOS. 

For this mod system you can create any vehicle mod and add it on BUSSID game. BUSSID only support .bussidmod file format. If you want to get latest BUSSID Mod Click Here.

How to Setup BUSSID Mod?

Mod setup is very simple. Just download mid file and setup. There have two options to setup the mod. 

  1. Out of Game
  2. Mod System UI

We prefer you to setup mod out of game and it’s totally free. But If you setup mod by using Mod System UI you need to pay RP 15000 or watch a ads in game. 

If you want to setup mod out of game. At first download the mod file which you want. You can download latest BUSSID Mod by Here. After download the file, see that your download file extension. Is it a .zip or .rar or .bussidmod format file. If your file is a .bussidmod extension, then copy and move the file directly to BUSSID>Mods folder in your phone storage. And if the file is in zip or rar format, you need to extract the file.

You can use RAR android app to extract your Zip & Rar file. This is a Free app. You find it on Google Play Store.

After extracting you will get the file in bussidmod format. Now copy or move file as before by placing it in the BUSSID>Mods folder.

Now start the game.  After the game starts, go to the garage from the left side options. Then select your vehicle mode and click on the Use button. Then come to the first page, Then select Free Mod or Career Mod and start the game by selecting Map.

Let’s take a look at Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in October on SGCArena.

Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in October

  1. New Setra JetBus 2+
  2. Zepplin G3
  3. Avante D2 Double Decker
  4. JB3 Racing Edition
  5. Toyota Kijang

01 New Setra JetBus 2+

New Setra JetBus 2+ is a new bus mod for BUSSID. It’s release on 23 October, 2019. This mod have 3 different mod variant & its support custom livery.

New Setra JetBus 2+, JetBus 2+ Mod for bussid, jetbus mod,
New Setra JetBus 2+ Mod for BUSSID. Img source MD Creation.

New Setra JetBus 2+ Mod by MD Creation, Mod CVT by MD Creation. The mod file size is 3.01MB and file format is .rar.

02 Zepplin G3

Zepplin G3 is a new bus mod BUSSID. It’s release on 22 October, 2019. You can’t find any mod variant. It’s support custom livery. In this mod post you find a custom livery.

Zepplin G3, Zepplin G3 MBS Mod for BUSSID, Zepplin G3 Bus Mod,
Zepplin G3 MBS Mod – SGCArena

Zepplin G3 Mod by MBS Team. Mod CVT by MBS Team. The mod file is 3.5MB & mod file format is .zip. This mod quality check by SGCArena. That’s mean you can download the mod just one click.

03 Avante D2 Double Decker

Avante D2 Double Decker is awesome looking bus mod for BUSSID. The mod release on 21 October, 2019. It’s support custom livery. There have no mod variant.

Avante D2 Double Decker
Avante D2 Double Decker Mod – SGCArena

Avante D2 Double Decker mod by Zine Sujatmiko. Mod CVT by Zine Sujatmiko. This is a Free bus mod. Mod size is 12.16MB. Mod file format is .bussidmod.

04 JB3 Racing Edition

JB3 Racing Edition is racing bus mod for BUSSID. Maybe you realize by there name it’s a racing edition. It’s a classic looking bus mod.

JB3 Racing Edition, JB3 Racing Edition Bus Mod, Mod BUSSID
JB3 Racing Edition Mod – SGCArena

Let’s take look of this mos feature

  • Bright Livery
  • Machines Can Be Turned
  • Full strobe light
  • Full led lights

JB3 Racing Edition mod by -. Mod Edit by RN. File size is 3.37MB & file format is .rar.

05 Toyota Kijang

Toyota Kijang is a car mod for BUSSID. This is a first car mod which is place in our top rank. Mod released on 10 October, 2019. There have two mod variant.

Toyota Kijang, Toyota Kijang mod, Toyota Kijang mod for bussid, Toyota Kijang car mod,
Toyota Kijang Car Mod for BUSSID – SGCArena

Toyota Kijang mod by NanoNano ID. Mod CVT by NanoNano ID. This is Free awesome car mod for BUSSID. You can get two deterrent mod varaint.

How to we make this rank?

We can’t make this rank manually. We use some analytics tools. This analytics tools help to make this rank. It’s base on monthly.

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