Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in September

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Bus Simulator Indonesia is a top popular android game. In this game officially support vehicles mod. That’s meen you can use your own vehicle in the game. So let’s take a look at the Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in September on SGCArena. 

What is BUSSID Mod?

This is vehicle add system in Bus Simulator Indonesia. Don’t worry this is not a crack or hack version or apk. This is a officially supported mod system in Bus Simulator Indonesia. After 2.9 game update it’s available on official Bus Simulator Indonesia game. You can easily download it on Google PlayStore. But unfortunately it’s not available for iOS. 

For this mod system you can create any vehicle mod and add it on BUSSID. BUSSID only support .bussidmod file. If you want to get latest BUSSID Mod Click Here.

How to Setup or use BUSSID Mod in Game?

Mod setup is very simple. Jus download mid file and setup. There have two options to setup the mod. 

  1. Out of Game
  2. Mod System UI

We prefer you to setup mod out of game and it’s totally free. But if you setup mod by using Mod System UI you need to pay RP 15000 or watch a add in game. 

If you want to setup mod out of game, at first download the mod file which you want. You can download latest BUSSID Mod by Here. After download the file, see that you download file extension. Is it a .zip or .rar or .bussidmod format file. If your file is a bussidmod extension, then copy and move the file directly to BUSSID>Mods folder in your phone storage. And if the file is in zip or rar format, you need to extract the file. After extracting you will get the file in bussidmod format. Now copy or move this file as before by placing it in the BUSSID> Mods folder. Now start the game.  After the game starts, go to the garage from the left side options. Then select your vehicle mode and click on the Use button. Then come to the first page, Then select Free Mod or Career Mod and start the game by selecting Map.

Let’s take a look at Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in September on SGCArena. 

Top 5 Popular BUSSID Mod in September.

  2.  Hino 500 New GEN Dump Truck
  3.  Volvo B9R
  4.  SR2 XHD
  5.  Truck With Sound System


MITSUBISHI L300 Mod BUSSID release in June 29, 2019. This is trck mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia. There have 5 mod variant. Also include mod template, library & xor file.


Mod author by WSPMods/Unity Project. Mod bass by IDBS. This is a Free mod for bussid. Let’s see some features of this truck mod

  • Air Suspension
  • Very detailed interior
  • LED lights
  • Luxury Dashboard
  • Available Pizza & Aqua Bottles
  • 3 Bus Miniature
  • Kernet
  • Can For Narik
  • Load Iron and Cement
  • Kernet
  • Glass Livery Support
  • Sound Racing
  • Wipers, Lights, All Active Indicators
  • Soft Suspension

So let’s download the mod and enjoy. 


#02 Hino 500 New GEN Dump Truck

Hino 500 Dump Truck mod release on June 26, 2019. This is a 2nd most popular bussid mod on SGCArena in September month. There have 9 mod variant.

Hino 500 New GEN Dump Truck

Let’s take a look at truck features 

  • Full features
  •  Glass XOR
  •  Available in 6 variants
  •  A acceleration is adjusted to the load
  •  Sticker Glass

Hino 500 Dump truck mod author by BMI. Mod credit Hari Sadewo, re-edit Wahid. This is totally free mod for bussid. 

#03 Volvo B9R

Volvo B9R mod release on March 29, 2019. This is good looking & tall bus. There have no mod variant. You can use your custom library in this bus. 

Volvo B9R

Volvo B9R bus mod author by Fahim Auvro. This is a First Bangladeshi bussid mod creator. In this mod have navigation map bug. You can easily download and use it on Bus Simulator Indonesia game. 

#04 SR2 XHD

SR2 XHD mod release on June 2, 2019. This is on of the best bussid bus mod. Also there have 20 different mod variant. This is original Laksana SR2 bus mod for bussid. 


Sr2 XHD mod author by WSP Mod’s/Unity Project. Bass mod credit by Nyoman Restu. 
Sr2 XHD is a free bus mod. Let’s take a look at the features or update 

  •  Driver
  •  Kernet & Passenger
  •  Full Interior LED Lights
  •  ACC Doll
  •  Baggage (Motorbike, Cardboard etc.)
  •  Rear Toilet
  •  Can For Narik
  •  Soft Suspension
  •  Mercedes model & Scania model And much 

So enjoy with this amazing bus mod. 


#05 Truck With Sound System

Truck with Soun System mod release on February 25, 2019. If you are a music lover or DJ Mod lover then you can use it. This is free for use & there have no mod variant. 

Truck With Sound System Mod

Truck With Sound System mod author by Andreas. Mod object from 

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