Toyota Innova Crysta Car Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia

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Toyota Innova Crysta: is a popular BUSSID Mod in SGCArena. That’s why we add the mod on One-Click Downloadable. means now you can download the BUSSID Mod file directly from our server.

Toyota Innova Crysta Car Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia, BUSSID Mod

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BUSSID new Update 2.9 (New Bus+New Map+Mod System). Bus Simulator Indonesia is a Android Game. After long time there new update 2.9 is coming first week in December. This is most popular game for android. This game have somereason to popular. First one is there High Quality grafic and run low devices like 1GB RAM & lower processor. Another most popular think is Multi-player. and new add bus Mod. So that now you can use any bus as you can like. So there for this is a most popular game for android.Lest see what’s Update……

  • ️New Dubble Decker Bus (SDD)
  • ️New Map
  • New MOD System (BETA)

Toyota Avanza facelift BUSSID Mod

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After this new update you can use Vehicle as you like. Not only bus library, now you can use any kind of Bus, Truck or Other Vehicle Mod.

You can use only .bussidvehicle formate file to use any mod. BUSSID can’t support any other formate file like .zip or .rar. If you download any file which is .zip or .rar format. At First Extract the file. After Extract file you can see Main Mod file and this file set properly on Bus Simulator Indonesia game which is .bussidvehicle format.

Toyota Innova Car Mod BUSSID

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Step 1

Download Mod zip file. Download link provide bellow. Just Click Download button to download the mod file.

Step 2

After Download the zip file, you need to extract the file. To extract zip file you can use Android default unzip-er or install any unzip-er from Google PlayStore.

Step 3

After extract the zip file you will find the mod file. Which is .bussidmod excitation. Move the file Phone Storage > BUSSID > Mods folder.

Step 4

Open Bus Simulator Indonesia BUSSID game and go to Garage. change vehicle to your mod vehicle and set that. Now start playing and enjoy the game.

How to setup Toyota Innova Crysta Car Mod (Video)

Download Latest BUSSID Mod

Toyota Fortune BUSSID Car Mod

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How to Download BUSSID Mod?

If you download mod from SGCArena it’s very easy. In every mod post you will find a mod download button. Just Click the button, then mod file autometecly started download or provide a secuer link or Google Drive link. Where you can download the BUSSID mod file.

About Toyota Innova Crysta Car.

The Toyota Innova is a compact MPV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It is first produced in Indonesia under supervision by Toyota Astra Motor since 2004 and has been manufactured in other countries as well.

As with the Kijang, which it replaced, the Innova is produced and first marketed in 2004 in Indonesia. The Innova has a body-on-frame chassis constructed from Toyota’s IMV platform together with the Hilux pickup truck and the Fortuner SUV.

Its official name in Indonesia is Toyota Kijang Innova, while for other countries it is called “Toyota Innova” or “Toyota Innova Crysta”. From Wikipedia.

Toyota Innova Crysta Vehicle Info

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    Toyota Innova Crysta

  • Author Unknown
  • Status Free
  • Size 20 MB
  • File Type .zip
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  • © All Rights Reserved by Unknown

Toyota Innova Crysta

  • File innovaracing
  • Size 20
  • Author Unknown
  • Copyright SGCArena
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