Toyota Vios 2016 Car Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia

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Toyota Vios 2016 Car Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia by AzuMods. 

How to Setup BUSSID Mod?

Mod setup is very simple. Jus download mid file and setup. There have two options to setup the mod. 

  1. Out of Game
  2. Mod System UI

We prefer you to setup mod out of game and it’s totally free. But if you setup mod by using Mod System UI you need to pay RP 15000 or watch a add in game. 

If you want to setup mod out of game, at first download the mod file which you want. You can download latest BUSSID Mod by Here. After download the file, see that you download file extension. Is it a .zip or .rar or .bussidmod format file. If your file is a bussidmod extension, then copy and move the file directly to BUSSID>Mods folder in your phone storage. And if the file is in zip or rar format, you need to extract the file. After extracting you will get the file in bussidmod format. Now copy or move this file as before by placing it in the BUSSID> Mods folder. Now start the game.  After the game starts, go to the garage from the left side options. Then select your vehicle mode and click on the Use button. Then come to the first page, Then select Free Mod or Career Mod and start the game by selecting Map.

Toyota Vios 2016 Mod for BUSSID by AzuMods and . Download Toyota Vios 2016 for Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Info – Toyota Vios 2016 Mod

GameBus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)
NameToyota Vios 2016 Mod BUSSID
CreditMod Credit
Size7.01 MB © AzuMods

Toyota Vios 2016 Vehicle Info

  • Name

    Toyota Vios 2016

  • Author AzuMods
  • Editor -
  • CVT AzuMods
  • Status Free
  • Size 7.01 MB
  • File Type .bussidmod
  • Feature -
  • Bug -
  • Rating 3.8
  • Password
    Copy Password
  • Thanks to -
  • Report [email protected]
  • Support [email protected]
  • © All Rights Reserved by AzuMods

Toyota Vios 2016

  • Link
  • Size 7.01 MB
  • Author AzuMods
  • Copyright SGCArena
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