Truck Mod with Electric LED Light for BUSSID

Download Truck Mod with Electric LED Light for BUSSID, Truck Mod with led light for bus simulator Indonesia, Andreas R35, BUSSID Truck Mod

Truck Mod + Electric Led Light mod for BUSSID

Bus Simulator Indonesia Truck Mod. This is awesome mod for ever. Because there developer try to add something new.

They add Electric LED light in Back. This is really nice. This Lighiting see very beautiful.

So hopefully you Like this Mod.

◾Features Mod :

– Support Ganti Livery
– Livery Default Keren (Cool Livery)
– Anim Pintu Kanan dan Kiri
– Anim Bak Membuka
– Anim Pintu Belakang
– Anim Spedometer
– Anim Fuelmeter
– Anim RPMmeter
– Anim Wiper
– Interior Real
– Dashboard Nyala
– Lampu Kota Nyala
– Lampu Sein Nyala
– Lampu Rem Nyala
– Lampu Mundur Nyala
– LED Dashboard Nyala
– LED RGB Nyala
– LED Sein Nyala
– LED Sein Spion Nyala
– LED Senja Depan Nyala
– LED WM Nyala
– GPS Aktif
– 3 Spion Aktif
– 4 Roda Aktif
– 1 Headtruck
– 1 Chassis
– 1 Bak
– Kaca Mengkilap
– Dop Mengkilap
– Suspensi Mental Mentul
– Livery dari Fadli Art GNL Team

Credits Mod :

Base Truk : Maleo

Base Accecoris : Syukur P. I.

Base LED : Andreas R35

Edit Base : Andreas R35

Author : Andreas Restuawanta

Password: See Read me tex file


After Coundown End You can see Download Button

To Download

Click Here

Mod for BUSSID by and . Download for Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Info – Mod

GameBus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)
NameMod Name Mod BUSSID
AuthorMod Author
CreditMod Credit
PriceMod Status
FileMod File Type
SizeMod File Size MB © Mod Author

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    1. Hello Ashiq,

      For Password please see the readme.txt file. This file include into the mod folder which is download.

      SGCArena Support Team.