BUSSID V3.3.4 and V3.3.3 Obb: HD Graphic & ETS2 Sound Hino RK8 by Yodi Channel.

This time we will share the Mod Obb bussid v3.3.3 and bussid V3.3.4 + how to pair it and of course the mediafire link. What is also cool is abiss and steady soul.

Download BUSSID V3.3.4 Obb: HD Graphic ETS2 Sound Hino RK8

NameHD Graphic ETS2 Sound Hino RK8
GameBus Simulator Indonesia
CompatibleBUSSID V3.3.3 & V3.3.4
CreditYodi Channel

Note: This Obb Mod only for BUSSID V3.3.3 and V3.3.4

1. Download Mod Obb BUSSID V3.3.3 Graphic ETS2


2. Download the Obb BUSSID mod activation code v3.3.3 to v3.3.4


Required: Must be download 1st and 2nd file. And Watch the setup video.

How to Setup BUSSID V3.3.3 and V3.3.4 Obb Mod

If you face any problems to setup the Obb mod, then please watch the video.

How to Setup BUSSID V3.3.4 Obb: ETS2 HD Graphic and Sound Hino RK8 – SGCArena

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